A new presidential candidate has shambled into the ring, and he doesn't have much to say. In fact, he just kind of grunts a little bit and does some pretty poor pantomime. After all, he's a zombie. And he's running (or shuffling) for president.

According to a video interview with the "zombie", "Hmmm mmm mmm, hmmm mmm MMM mmmm mmm mmm." So, it's pretty clear where he stands on *that* particular issue. Truthfully, stances on political issues aren't particularly important for this candidate's campaign. He's actually part of an AMC publicity stunt to get back on Dish Network before 'The Walking Dead' picks back up this fall.

Excellent plan -- the American people need to be as distracted as humanly possible from the actual presidential campaign so that they can make the most poorly-informed choice possible come Election Day. Thank you, AMC. Thank you so much.

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