Now that you've brushed up on your zombie knowledge and outrun a few of the undead on an obstacle course, you may think you're ready for the impending "Zombie Apocalypse." But for those who aren't so sure, we may have the answer: zombie boot camp.

In the interactive three-hour experience, you'll learn to survive the final brutal battle between man and the undead with battle tactics, unarmed combat and sniper skills, all in preparation for an assault on a known zombie lair.

The website for the course bills it thusly:

On this zombie experience day, you’ll take out these maggoty scumbags with only airsoft rifles, your fists - and possibly a pitchfork - to help you. We will train you within an inch of your life, sharing skills that can be employed wherever you find the dastardly zombie hordes.

The training will only set you back about $100, but don't forget to factor in airfare to the UK. (Hey, no one said the fight for survival would be cheap).

Reporters from FHM describe the experience as fun but frightening, and offer these insights:

This isn't for the faint of heart – we took a gun butt to the face as a zombie tried to wrestle our gun away from us, and our squad mate in the car had to deal with broken glass as a zombie over-enthusiastically smashed a car window – but it adds another level to the fear of the experience, as you might be tackled to the ground at any time. Or, you know, start bleeding.

Now if only we could train the undead in first aid.