Zac Efron is quite the ladies man these days. However, as he confessed on 'Conan', that's only because he's famous. Turns out that before his Disney stardom he was "a pretty big nerd."

While girls typically ignored the pre-fame Efron, he did have one secret weapon: His singing.

Efron told Conan about how on a high school drama club trip to France he and a few buddies sang Beach Boy tunes on the streets of Paris, impressing the ladies of France. Then one thing led to another and Efron, 'Conan' bandleader LaBamba and Conan himself began singing the Beach Boy's doo wop hit "Barbara Ann."

And it was actually quite good. We're pretty sure they practiced that before show. And Conan can really hit those high notes. If this talk show thing doesn't work out, he could probably clean up as a street performer in France.