Covers of the Stan Bush anthem 'The Touch' -- known to geeks from its use in 1986's 'Transformers: The Movie' -- are nothing new. But covers of 'The Touch' performed by an all-Transformer band? Now that's something we don't see every day.

The Cybertronic Spree unites Autobots Hot Rod and Arcee with Decepticon tape Rumble, the Autobot's human friend Spike, a smaller than usual Unicron and a lone Quintesson whose role in the band remains a mystery. They can be found playing music from the 'Transformers: The Movie' soundtrack wherever fans of the robots in disguise go to rock out.

These are the only two videos on their official website so far, but we're hoping to see more as the band plays at other robot friendly venues. We've also got our fingers crossed for a few guest appearances from other bots. Blaster and Jazz seems like obvious choices and we'd love to see Soundwave show up to rock alongside Rumble.

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