Last Tuesday, a mortally wounded bus driver in China saved the lives of 24 passengers by stopping the bus before he fell unconscious. Although he died three days later due to his injuries, Chinese officials are lauding the man as a hero for his selfless act.

Bus driver Wu Bin was severely injured on May 29th when a flying metal fragment crashed through his windshield, breaking several ribs and damaging his liver. Despite this, he somehow managed to safely stop the bus before passing out.

Unfortunately, Wu's injuries were too severe and he died last Friday. A police investigation showed that the piece of metal likely fell off another vehicle.

Since his death, Wu's home province has given him the honorary title of "revolutionary martyr," the provincial government of Zhejiang, where the accident took place, gave him the title of “Provincial Labor Model” and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions has awarded him the “May 1st Labor Medal,” which is one of the highest honors for Chinese workers. Bittersweet honors all, but a hero nonetheless.