Congratulations are due to Jayen Varma for playing the bass guitar faster than anybody else in the world. At 324 beats per minute, he manages to keep going for over an entire minute. An impressive feat that unfortunately does really not sound very good at all.

Guidelines set forth by the folks at RecordSetter for setting the record state that four notes must be played per beat, that they must be played on a musical scale continuously for one minute and that video proof must be provided. This means that Varma played 1,296 notes in a one minutes span. No wonder his head is shaking so fast! And no wonder it's so hard to detect individual notes. Great googly moogly, that's a lot of right-handed finger picking (also a requirement)!

Congratulations to Varma, and good luck to anybody attempting to break his record -- you're going to need it because this is out of control!