On Tuesday, Bessie Cooper of Georgia died at the age of 116. She was the world's oldest person, and her passing opened the door for somebody else to grab that distinction.

Enter Dina Manfredini of Johnston, Iowa. At 115 years and 245 days old, she was born before anybody else who's walking around on planet earth. (Possible exception.)

So far, Manfredini and her family have declined any interviews, so we don't know her secret to longevity. (Cooper's was "minding my own business" and not eating junk food.)

But what we do know is that Manfredini, who was born in Italy in 1897 and arrived at Ellis Island in 1920, was working as a maid until her mid 90s.

Reportedly, the supercentenarian was shoveling her own snow at age 106. She had also lived in the West Des Moines home she had bought in 1939 until the age of 110, before moving into a nursing home.

Only eight people have ever reached the age of 116. So Manfredini is just a few months away from another pretty impressive achievement. Congratulations!

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