The Guinness World Records has named Amber Jacobs (aka DJ AJ) the youngest DJ on the airwaves. At the tender age of six, the precocious Amber is making headlines for sharing the music that she loves on air for listeners to enjoy and is already an internet sensation.

For the past six months, Amber has been helping her dad Steve -- who runs the internet radio station TBFM Online -- pick out songs to air. She now has her own slot on her Dad's show -- her father allows her to pick and choose what tracks to play, to speak a bit in between the songs, and to cue the music.

Music is a huge part of who Amber is. In an interview with the Sun, her father says that she is "always dancing to music inside of the studio," and when she's not working, music is still one of her favorite topics to talk about. According to her father, when Amber is not chattering away happily about the usual goings-on at her school, she's constantly talking about her favorite bands when she's at home.

Despite the fact that Amber is a natural at the DJ business and has her own little spot on her father's show, she's still a normal six-year-old who goes to school and loves SpongeBob. It is rare for one's passion in life to manifest so early, but perhaps Amber's love for music will lead to a life-long career when she's older!

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