Every day you should find something to be grateful for. Today we're grateful that the man with the world's deepest voice uses it mostly for singing 'Amazing Grace' and never uses it for making the brown sound. 'South Park'-ers known what we're talking about. Although the idea that Tim Storms could do that if he wanted to probably adds to the excitement of seeing him in concert.

Tim Storms holds the world record for having the deepest voice -- he can "sing" notes as low as .189Hz, which is eight octaves below the lowest G on the piano. We can't even hear the notes he sings -- they're out of the range of human hearing, but he can feel them and sort of hear them in his head, and instruments can detect them, so they're really happening. In fact, the only living creatures that are capable of hearing it are elephants and animals of equivalent size.

According to Storms, a doctor attributed his deep voice to having unusually long vocal cords, with extra muscular movement around them. He also says he intends to keep breaking records -- as he gets older, his voice keeps getting deeper and deeper! Hopefully he doesn't grow into a crotchety old man -- his powers in the wrong hands could lead to a lot of ruined pants.

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