You'd think that being a superhero would make you immune to the attention of car thieves, but, no. Recently, a superfan who's been known to occasionally dress like Wonder Woman had her superhero-themed car stolen. Where's Toronto's Batman when you need him?

Portland, Oregon resident Rachel Maccabee is unemployed, five-months pregnant and suffering from gestational diabetes. To add to her troubles, her prized car, which prominently displays the Wonder Woman logo on its hood, was stolen by thieves last week.

Maccabee is at a loss to explain why someone would steal such a recognizable car. "I can only imagine that perhaps they were either intoxicated and didn't see the car or they're a huge superhero fan like I am," she said.

Police say they'll do everything they can to recover the superhero-themed ride, and they hope its high visibility makes it easy to spot. "There's just some lines you don't cross," said Sgt. Pete Simpson of the Portland Police Department. "You just don't steal a superhero's car."

Can you help? Wonder Woman needs more than the Justice League on her side right now.