Batman will generally only don his bat-suit when there is crime that needs to be fought. However, there is another caped crusader -- Toronto Batman -- who has no problem slipping into the iconic costume just because he wants to enjoy a night on the town.

Toronto Batman was kind enough to record his latest experiences in his Canadian hometown.

As you can see, Batman doesn't have to take down bad guys to contribute to society. His mere presence seems to cheer people up, even when he is rambling on about his dead parents or berating moviegoers for being way too early to see 'The Dark Knight Rises.' And, yes, Toronto Batman will pose for pictures.

The video would've probably been better if Batman was little easier to understand. Although his often inedible utterances work as both a parody of Christian Bale's unusually low register when he plays the part and the controversy surrounding 'The Dark Knight Rises' villain Bane, whose muffled dialogue has been difficult to decipher in the movie's trailers.

We're also pleased to see that superheroes also struggle to open up a beef jerky. Since it's 2012, Toronto Batman is on Twitter, and you can follow him here.