Deb Thompson got much more than she bargained after discovering a pricey diamond ring in the pocket of thrift store jeans on Monday. However, the Minnesota woman did the right thing by immediately trying to find the ring's true owner. Would you have done the same?

The 53-year-old bought a pair of rhinestone-studded capris from a local Goodwill for only $3.99. But when she got home and tried them on, she discovered a diamond ring in the pocket worth anywhere from $5,000-$6,500.

Despite the incredible find, Thompson said she couldn't bring herself to keep the ring. "If it was me, I would be going crazy if I had lost a ring like this," she said.

So she reached out to Goodwill in an attempt to find the original owner. So far, the organization has received several emails claiming ownership, but it's still unclear who the ring belongs to.

Still, Thompson is hopeful that the true owner will eventually be found. "I need to find the owner, and I'd love to hear the story of how it got in there," she said.

Would you have returned the ring? Or do you believe in "finder's keepers"?

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