They say there's no such thing as a free lunch. But that's exactly what 60 or so dinners at a New Castle, California Denny's got on Monday. And the catch is they can't even thank the person who generously picked up their tab.

The woman is being described by the restaurant's manager as a thirty-something mother of two, but he won't divulge any further information about her identity because she requested to remain anonymous. According to the manager, she just walked up to him and asked to pay for everyone in the restaurant.

"I asked her ‘Are you sure?” the manager told CBS Sacramento. “She said ‘yeah.’ I said ‘It’ll be a lot of money.’”

About $300 it turned out, which she added a $40 tip to. (While some might argue that her less than 15 percent tip was light, one would assume most of the diners still tipped, so the servers would've ended up making out quite well too.)

"It was wonderful," said one of the beneficiaries of the faceless generosity. "I wish more people would do it."

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