When one encounters a majestic beast such as a whale in the wild, the experience is usually awe-inspiring. That wasn't the case for this lady.

In the video above, we see about 41 seconds of a big whale hanging around the surface of the ocean. It's large, impressive and looks like it's observing the people who are checking it out on a raft. While the entire whale is never seen, you're still able to make out the tail, a bit of the body and a few errant fins here and there.

Everyone aboard the raft is excited to witness this gentle giant swimming alongside them. But then it gets a little bit closer to the raft before diving down back into the depths of the ocean, and in doing so, raises its tail a little bit too high and too fast. The end result is a woman on board the raft getting a little love tap by the whale's tail.

According to Jordyn R, the YouTube user who uploaded the video, the name of the woman who got tail-slapped was Chelsea. They were out on the Baja as part of a whale-watching excursion from the Live Different Academy program. It seems like no real damage was done, so Chelsea got a pretty nifty story out of it. After all, how many other people in the world can say they've been slapped by a whale and lived to tell the tale -- of the tail?

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