It's a sad day for fans of the children's song 'Baby Beluga' and marine biologists around the world. Word has it that Kavna, the oldest used-to-be-living beluga whale has died at the age of 46, with cancer being the probable cause of death.

Having been cared for by the Vancouver Aquarium marine mammal care team since 1975, Kavna's life is remembered brightly in the memories left behind as well as the songs that your kids simply refuse to stop singing. In usual cases, the lifespan of a beluga whale is about 25 to 30 years, according to the aquarium's Aquablog, which goes to show just how impressive the whale was to the team that cared for her.

They recently released a statement:

After living a long and healthy life, 46-year-old beluga whale Kavna passed away on Monday, August 6. Kavna was known to be the oldest beluga whale in any accredited aquarium in North America.

While our staff and volunteers are saddened at the loss, we’re left with very warm memories of her. At about 46 years of age, she was at the end of her natural life and will be greatly missed by all, including the millions of members and visitors who have connected with Canada’s Arctic in a way that would not have been made possible, had it not been for direct interactions with her at the Aquarium over the past 36 years.

See more photos of the famous whale below.

We bid you a fond farewell, Kavna. On an upside... who wants to hear that song again? Yeah, you do!