Divers Suddenly Surrounded by Whales
The ocean's a big place, but sometimes it can seem really crowded. These divers probably expected to see a few exotic fish — instead they stumbled across a pod of humpback whales, plus a few sharks.
Watch an Intense Close Encounter With Whales
If you like whales or the sound of a panicking teenage girl, this is definitely the video for you. Just be careful where you watch it. While it is obviously extremely SFW (it's just a father and daughter in a canoe looking at a whale), the heavy breathing and moans do sound a little suspicious …
Amazing Whale Rescue Caught On Tape
Anyone who doubts the connection between animals and man, we'd like to offer the following video up as compelling evidence to the contrary. In this amazing clip, watch as Michael Fishbach, co-founder of The Great Whale Conservancy, spots a young female humpback whale tangled up in a fishin…
‘Baby Beluga’ Whale Dies At 46
It's a sad day for fans of the children's song 'Baby Beluga' and marine biologists around the world. Word has it that Kavna, the oldest used-to-be-living beluga whale has died at the age of 46, with cancer being the probable cause of death.
Watch a Whale Shoot a Rainbow Out of Its Blowhole
A rainbow appears when light from the sun interacts with moisture inside of the earth's atmosphere. It can be any type of moisture, even the water that shoots out of a whale's blowhole.
Yes, if everything aligns correctly a whale can fire rainbows into the air. If you don't believ…