An elderly couple in Pasadena were about to step out of the house when they noticed they weren't alone on the porch.

It turns out that a black bear cub had been wandering around the neighborhoods of Pasadena, hoping for a tasty treat on which to nom. Needless to say, plenty of people were spooked. But one instance of this bear's trespassing onto private property was captured on film.

Bob and Irene McKeown from Scotland were in Pasadena, visiting their daughter and son-in-law, when they stepped out of the house. The security footage shows them coming out of the door and heading towards the driveway, but neither of them notice the bear cub standing on the porch. After they step out of frame, the bear follows them. Seconds later, Bob comes running back and gets into house.

According to the interview shown below, Bob put Irene safely into the car when he felt a scratch on his leg. Upon seeing the bear, he booked it back into the house. The bear has since been chased back out into the wild, never to scare an elderly couple again.