When we last saw Toronto Batman, he was terrorizing random pedestrians on the street. Well, he's back, and this time he's battling none other than Spider-Man, who, by the way, is wearing a ratty (and very out of character) pair of red Converse sneakers. Who will win this epic superhero showdown? Read on and find out.

The clash begins in Yonge-Dundas Square, where the two crimefighters have a shoving match and insult each other's movie. From there, they proceed to the subway where they have an impromptu chin-up contest. Eventually they end up wrestling on the dirty floor of a Pizza Pizza restaurant where Spider-Man beats Batman into submission with a lunch tray.

From the beginning, Toronto Batman is clearly outmatched. He's slower than Spidey, has a cape which ensnares him several times and simply can't keep up with the webslinger's witty banter and boasts. In the end, Spider-Man triumphs over the Caped Crusader and celebrates by interrupting a game of air hockey, like any superhero would.

How does this stack up to Toronto Batman's original appearance? Is it just as good or not as funny?