We've got to hand it to this guy -- not only does he have the determination to take a picture of himself nearly every day for five years, but he also knows a lot of different ways to style his facial hair. One particular style stands above all the rest, though, and while some might call this a five-year time lapse documenting a man, we like to think of it as the story of his crazy chin ponytail! Seriously, that thing is out. Of. Control.

There it is, flapping around like there's a gentle breeze in the room until, suddenly, it's gone one day, having been shaved off. We thought there was cause for rejoicing, only then it started growing back, which is a nightmare of a different color. Thanks to the magic of time lapse, it didn't take long before it was back, flappier than ever.

This is clearly a man who decides to do something and then really commits, whether it's growing out a goatee ponytail or making a really sweet video. We applaud you, sir.

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