In this sweet and charming video, a young couple decided to take photos over the course of the gestation period, including their move to Japan. First posted on reddit, Robert Bobberson shared what was the culmination of several weeks of photo sessions and over 20 hours spent in the editing room to make for one adorable pregnancy video.

Bobberson said it posed quite a challenge to get the lighting inside the house right for every shot. That and his wife having to stay in the same position, wear the same clothes and get her hair right over the period of nine months. Taking mood swings into consideration, we're guessing that's not easy for any pregnant woman.

The cute video is already a viral hit and no doubt something their daughter will appreciate when she's older. Hopefully when she sees it, she'll be old enough to understand the process of child birth. Imagine if the parents had to face the inevitable question of where babies come from with the answer "kissing mummy's tummy." If only it was that easy.