Cat Beards!!!
Since Movember is long gone, we're experiencing a bit of 'stache withdrawal. Things just don't seem right when there isn't an abundance of facial hair on the web. But as our luck would have it, cats have swooped in to save us from our beardless blues.
Expert Beard Grower Dons Spidey-Beard
Chad Roberts, a member of the RVA Beard League, is no stranger to creative facial hair. Here he is with a spider-inspired beard. In the past, he's had a 'Star Wars' X-wing beard, a Christmas tree beard and something we're calling a "beerd." We have to admire him…
Here’s a Time Lapse Story of a Man and His Chin Beard
We've got to hand it to this guy -- not only does he have the determination to take a picture of himself nearly every day for five years, but he also knows a lot of different ways to style his facial hair. One particular style stands above all the rest, though, and while some might call this a five-…
Boy Scouts Sporting Full Beards Are Kind of Creepy [PHOTOS]
The purpose of the new series of print ads from Boy Scouts of America is to convey how scouting skills can transform youngsters from boys into full-bearded men.
However, there is something unsettling about seeing beards that would make Kimbo Slice or Zach Galifianakis jealous on the faces of boys sti…