If you like your time lapse self-portrait projects with a little less chin beard, and a lot more arty electronic music, then this is the video for you. Artist Noah Kalina took a picture of himself every day for 12.5 years and made it into a video. But that's not all -- he's also created an app for your iPhone so you can do it too!

Noah's project made headlines six years ago when he finished the first half, which has been on display in galleries around the world and even garnered him a bit of fame thanks to parodies by 'The Simpsons'  and VH1.

He's also created an app called Everyday (the same as the name of his project) that lets people take photos of themselves every day with the help of a grid or the previous day's photo and will turn the pictures into a video. It also sets reminders, because, frankly, the hardest (and most impressive) part of undertaking any project like this is actually remembering to do it. Brilliant.