First a zombie presidential campaign, and now a food truck catering to zombies in London? Doesn't it feel a little bit like we're tempting the hands of fate? Granted, they're both publicity stunts for 'The Walking Dead,' but you can only say Beetlejuice three times before he shows up. Please, no more zombie stunts, AMC. Please!

The food truck is serving actual brains and offal to customers, just in case you were wondering how legit this enterprise is. In short, more legit than the zombie president, but at least the brains aren't human.

The chef in charge of The Gory Gourmet, Mark Jankel, is using calf brains as a substitute. Apparently they're quite similar to human brains (RED FLAG: how does he know this?!), and he's breading and frying them, which probably makes them quite delicious, since that's what breading and frying does to basically everything.

The Gory Gourmet is part of a promotion for the DVD/ Blu-ray release of the second season of 'The Walking Dead.' We really hate to imagine how they're going to promote season three, the only thing that springs to mind is the phrase "amputated limbs." *shiver*

'The Walking Dead' zombie food truck

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