For kids, the March 2nd release of 'The Lorax' probably can't get here soon enough. But, until then, a Super Bowl spot gave fans another taste of the animated movie adaptation of Dr. Seuss' classic environmental fable.

In the trailer, a 12-year-old boy named Ted (Zac Efron) ventures outside his home to win the affection of a girl (Taylor Swift). Once he does so, he meets the grumpy but lovable Lorax (Danny DeVito) and madcap mayhem ensues.

Those familiar with the relatively somber book might find the comedic tone and eye-popping colors of the film a bit off-putting. Still, it remains to be seen how faithful the movie will be to the original.

What do you think? Are you excited by 'The Lorax' movie? Or are you worried that its creators may have taken liberties with Seuss' timeless tale?