Waiting with baited breath for 'The Dark Knight Rises' to hit theaters on July 20th? Well, we've got another trailer for the hotly-anticipated movie to tide you over. And this time, it's done entirely using LEGO! It's the (fake) trailer Gotham needs.

In this shot-for-shot recreation of the movie's official trailer, ParanickFilmz uses LEGO, stop-motion, CGI and the trailer's original audio track to create a teaser that gets us even more excited about the upcoming film ... if that's even possible.

Watch as Batman squares off against Bane, Jim Gordon dodges explosions and Selina Kyle (Catwoman) purrs in Bruce Wayne's ear all in LEGO form! Even the trailer's cataclysmic football stadium scene is lovingly recreated.

Does this LEGO trailer get you even more excited about Christopher Nolan's third Batman film? How does it measure up to the trailer spoofs that mix cats and characters from 'The Lion King' with footage of Batman and the rest?