Every good Superman fan worth his or her salt knows that the fictional town of Smallville is where Clark Kent got his humble start. Yet Christopher Wietrick of Hutchinson, Kansas is campaigning on Facebook to get the town's name changed. After all, if there really is a Metropolis in the US, why not a Smallville as well?

There's a few convincing reasons why Wietrick cites as to why the renaming would be fitting; mainly because like its comic book counterpart, Hutchinson is three miles away from Kansas City just as Metropolis is three miles away from Smallville. Their populations are about the same size too: Smallville is supposed to hold 45,001 based on the hit CW show and Hutchinson has about 42, 000 people living there. The town is also based around agriculture just like its comic book cousin, with Hutchinson being the second largest wheat market in the country. Plus, they already have a Superman costume in the museum as well as having one of the world's largest space displays, including rocks (Kryptonite perhaps?).

In order to bring awareness to his cause in the hopes that both Warner Brothers and DC Comics will recognize their sleepy little town as Smallville, Kansas, Wietrick has created his own hand-drawn comic strips that compare the two towns side by side. All the profits will be going to the town's Boys and Girl's Club as well.

For fellow Superman fans who want to read more, visit their Facebook page and join your voice with the faithful to show your support!

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