Hollywood must have an undying love for Superman. Despite various ill-fated attempts to create a "Man of Steel" film that equals the successes of Batman, X-Men and Spiderman (our apologies to the horrific 'Green Lantern'--you didn't make the cut), we have to give them credit... they keep trying. And now, they might have something. Check out the teaser and full trailer for 'Man of Steel.'

An attempt to ressurect the Superman franchise after 2006's 'Superman Returns, this outing boasts director/writer/producer Zach Snyder ('300,' 'Watchmen'). Another ticket item that makes this film stand out are the writers: David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan.

Nolan, of course, is the writer/director of hits such as 'Batman Begins,' 'The Dark Knight' and The Dark Knight Rises. Goyer was a writer on all three films. Sounds like a good match.

The trailer for the 'Man of Steel' strives for an epic tone, which might be exactly what it needs. We've all seen Nolan's Batman trilogy. How can you hate those? The new trailer has a  slightly ominous feel and perfectly faded hues that gives us a hope we can all forget about the Bryan Singer reboot.

With the action-packed sequences that Snyder is known for alongside the storytelling talents of Nolan and Goyer, we're pretty positive this resurrection of Superman might be the best yet. Fingers crossed that this Superman doesn't make us want to exit the theater faster than a speeding bullet.

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