Dean Cain proved that he is still a hero even without his Superman costume last week. He was scheduled to speak about his years playing the Man of Steel on the hit television show 'Lois and Clark' at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, when friends of New Yorker Ruby Rinesko and his girlfriend of 11 years, Jennifer Haviland, approached him with their delightfully nerdy engagement plan.

Rinesko, 33,  had planned to cosplay as Batman and propose to Jennifer (who was cosplaying as Batgirl) during the Superhero Costuming Forum. After he was granted permission to do so by the convention, Rinesko's friends came up with the brilliant idea of getting the former Superman to narrate the proposal.

Despite Rinesko's skepticism, Cain agreed to go along with the plot, and Cain showed up to hand Rinesko the ring so Batman could get down on one knee and propose to Batgirl in front of all the other superhero cosplayers.

Both Ruby and Jennifer were thrilled that Cain took the time help them out -- it was a Dragon*Con experience of a lifetime, and a very sweet way for Ruby and Jennifer to start off their married life together.

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