Like a slew of similar youth sports movies in the ‘90s, the soccer flick ‘The Big Green’ featured a team of misfits who overcame the odds to become champions.

In this case the odds were really stacked against the tykes, as they didn't even know the rules of soccer at first.

See what the cast of ‘The Big Green’ is up to these days below.

  • Steve Guttenberg, Tom Palmer

    Disney / Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images

    Then: '80s sensation Steve Guttenberg played the town’s sheriff, who also becomes the team’s co-coach. "The Gutt" ruled the '80s, thanks to '3 Men and A Baby,' 'Short Circuit' and the 'Police Academy' franchise.

    Now: While Guttenberg no longer appears in films that most people have heard of, he is still a very busy actor on the big and small screen. ('Veronica Mars' fans will remember his bad guy role in the show's second season.) Among his recent films is the comedy/thriller/musical ‘Eldorado,’ which also managed to feature Michael Madsen, Daryl Hannah and Brigitte Nielsen. Flashback!

  • Olivia d'Abo, Anna Montgomery

    Disney / David Livingston, Getty Images

    Then: Oliva d’Abo played Ms. Montgomery, a teacher from England, who schools her unruly charges in the foreign game of soccer. D’Abo was most famous for playing rebellious hippy daughter Karen Arnold on the 'Wonder Years' but in this role the London-born actress got to use her native English accent.

    Now: D'Abo's most recent high-profile role was that of recurring villain Nicole Wallace on 'Law & Order Criminal Intent.' This year the daughter of Manfred Mann singer Mike d’Abo will play a supporting role in the biopic 'Paganini: The Devil's Violinist.'

  • Chauncey Leopardi, Evan Schiff

    Disney / Facebook

    Then: Leopardi played Evan Schiff, one of the geeky players on the team. He was already a sports movie veteran, having been in the 1993 baseball movie 'The Sandlot.'

    Now: Since 'The Big Green,' Leopardi's two most high profile roles have been as a recurring bully character on ‘Freaks And Geeks’ and another teen on 'Gilmore Girls.' He will appear in the upcoming thriller 'Coldwater,' after a five-year hiatus from acting.

  • Patrick Renna, Larry Musgrove

    Disney / Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

    Then: Renna was the team's goalie Larry Musgrove in 'The Big Green.' Like Leopardi, he had been in 'The Sandlot,' and was also known for his role in the Pauly Shore comedy 'Son-In-Law.'

    Now: Renna continues to act and do voiceover work. His most high-profile role as an adult actor was probably as recurring character Warren Peters on 'Boston Legal.'

  • Bug Hall, Newt Shaw

    Disney / TheCW

    Then: You may remember Bug Hall as the team's smallest player. Hall had won a Young Artist Award the year before for playing Alfalfa in 'The Little Rascals,' which was his film debut.

    Now: Hall is a regular TV face, guesting on shows such as 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,' 'Criminal Minds' and 'Nikita.' He was also the star of the 2009 direct-to-video comedy 'American Pie Presents The Book of Love.' Not bad for a guy named Bug.

  • Anthony Esquivel, Juan Morales

    DIsney / Furman,edu

    Then: Esquivel was Juan Morales, the star of the team, in 'The Big Green.' It was the only movie role for Esquivel, who went on to be a college soccer player at Furman University

    Now: After coaching and administrating youth soccer in Texas for the past decade, Esquivel has returned to Furman as an assistant coach for the men's soccer team.

  • Jordan Brower, Nick Anderssen

    Disney / qPicture

    Then: Jordan Brower made his screen debut as Nick Anderssen in 'The Big Green.' His soccer coach encouraged him to audition for the part and it led to him being a series regular on the short-lived TV shows 'Social Studies' and 'Teen Angel.'

    Now: Brower's last film was 2011's 'Killer School Girls From Outer Space,' which is every bit the b-horror flick that its title suggests

  • Billy L. Sullivan, Jeffrey Luttrell

    DIsney /

    Then: Sullivan played team member Jeffrey Luttrell. The year before he had a role in 'Little Big League' and he went on to play series regular Will Pacino on the sitcom ‘Something So Right’

    Now: Sullivan hasn’t found as much success as an adult actor, although he did snag parts in the movies 'Dirty Deeds' and 'Beautiful Loser.'