In his review of 'The Sandlot,' Roger Ebert called the 1993 comedy "the summertime version of 'A Christmas Story.'  The venerable critic was certainly onto something there, as both movies take nostalgic looks back at more innocent times and each rely heavily on the talents of its child actor cast.

When 'The Sandlot' ends, we learn exactly what happen to each of the nine players who made up the rag-tag team. But whatever happened to the actors who played the Sandlot nine?

We have that information below. So keep reading to learn what really became of the kids of 'The Sandlot.'

Tom Guiry, Scotty Smalls

Tom Guiry
20th Century Fox/Bryan Bedder, Getty Images

Then: In 'The Sandlot,' Tom Guiry played protagonist and narrator Scotty Smalls, who slowly gains acceptance in his new Southern California hometown by playing baseball with the other neighborhood kids. The film was the-then 11-year-old from New Jersey’s big screen debut. For his next film, a year later, Guiry starred in the '90s update of 'Lassie.'

Now: While you might not recognize Guiry’s name, you've likely continued to see his face. He’s been acting ever since 'The Sandlot' wrapped and has popped up in movies such as 'Black Hawk Down' and 'Mystic River.' Guiry also played one of the title characters in the TV drama 'The Black Donnelleys' and has guest starred on 'Elementary' and 'Unforgettable.'

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