Doesn't it seem like only yesterday that those 'Little Rascals' Alfalfa and his best pal Spanky were hiding out in a ballet studio dressed as ballerinas to escape the tyranny of those two bullies? Even after all these years, we will always see Bug Hall and Travis Tedford as those same young boys always getting into trouble, and the same goes for the rest of the cast of the 1994 update of the classic film characters.

But Hall is no longer that same bow tie-wearing kid who's hair spiked up whenever he got a kiss from the lovely Darla. And Darla, for that matter, is no longer the adorable girl we remember her as.

So, whatever did happen to the cast of 'The Little Rascals'?

Alfalfa (Bug Hall)

Alfalfa from 'The Little Rascals'
Universal Pictures/The CW

Then: Nine-year-old Bug Hall made a big splash with his movie debut as 'The Little Rascals'' preppy little guy in suspenders known only as Alfalfa. Proceeding the film, Hall continued on the track of child stardom with roles in 'The Big Green,' 'The Stupids,' 'Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves,' Disney's 'Hercules' and a bunch more.

Now: Needless to say, he's no long chasing after Darla. You've probably seen him on either 'Nikita,' 'CSI: Miami,' 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,' 'Charmed,' 'The O.C.,' '90210' or any of his other one-episode stints. Follow him on Twitter, and keep a look out for him in the upcoming movies 'Karaoke Man,' 'Arachnoquake' and 'Atlas Shrugged: Part 2.'

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