Dumb Criminals

Photo Fail
A group of teens in Maryland accused of credit card theft have been identified thanks to incriminating photo booth pics they took of themselves holding the card. Oh well. No one ever said you had to be smart to commit fraud.
Father Arrested After Letting 9-Year-Old Daughter Drive Car
In our experience, parents generally let their small children drive when they're too drunk to drive themselves. But a father in Ohio was apparently stone cold sober when he let his 9-year-old daughter drive the family car. Can't blame alcohol for this one, dude. That dumb decision was all …
April Fool Gone Awry
It's becoming harder and harder to pull a good April Fool's Day prank. We blame the internet for this, as not long after you log on you are reminded of the tricky nature of April 1 and thus put your guard up.
2013's Dumbest Bad Guys
Nothing makes us feel better on a bad day than reading about somebody really stupid and thinking "hey, at least we're not that guy." Maybe that makes us bad people, we don't know. All we do know is that it's funny when a drunk lady tries to outrun the cops by taking …
Power Wheels Escape
Jamie Craft of Jonesboro, Arkansas has herself quite a Tuesday.
The 28-year old kicked of her midweek adventure by getting good and drunk and crashing her Trans Am into the side of a mobile home. Mind you this was a proper, adult sized Trans Am, which becomes important later in this tale and also mad…
"911? Can I Get a Burger?"
There is just something about fast food that makes people abuse 911. In the past, folks have been arrested after calling emergency services to report problems with their orders at Burger King, McDonald's, Subway and Hardee's.
A BIte Out of Crime
Police in the Cayman Islands are on the look out for a local woman's tooth. They may well find it still stuck in the hand of the man who "stole" it from her.
Lemur Thief Busted
James Edward Welborn Jr. probably didn't have primate theft on his mind when he broke into Julie Harris's home in Mobile, Alabama.
Creepiest Mom Ever?
Things got awkward when 54-year-old Kimberly Margeson visited her 30-year-old son William Partridge at the Yates County jail in upstate New York.

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