As a way to honor their hosts at the 2012 London Olympics, the athletes of Team USA try to wrap their tongues around "Cockney" rhyming slang. As you might expect, they put on a sorry performance. But fortunately it's also nothing short of hysterical, guv'nor.

The athletes try to master several Cockney slang terms along with a convincing accent.  But they sound vaguely Irish, Scottish and Asian at times. Beach volleyball player April Ross doesn't even try and sounds thoroughly Southern instead, sending partner Jen Kessy into a fit of laughter.

All in all, we hope these athletes stick to sports, because accents just aren't their forte. Let's put it this way -- it's a good thing there's no linguistic event in the Olympics or we'd never win a medal.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, "chicken oriental" is Cockney slang for "crazy" and "Rosy Lee" means "tea." Check out part two of the amusing video below.