Can you imagine making use of three cans of hair spray every day? Kazuhiro Watanabe, a funky fashion designer from Japan sure can. To be honest, this guy doesn’t put that much product in his hair every single day, but when Guinness World Records gives him a call, and asks him to get ready for a photo shoot, he’s on the job, reading to show off his spectacular Mohawk.

The fashion designer has been growing his hair out for 15 years in order to be able to achieve such stylistic “heights.” When all of the spray and gel are put into place, his Mohawk stands a little over three feet and eight inches about his shaved dome. Hopefully he'll never walk near an open flame when he’s in full Mohawk mode, otherwise he might light up like a blazing Christmas tree.

Three stylists work for around three hours in order to pull off this incredible feat. When Watanabe dons his skyscraper Mohawk, and he happens to be inside, he has to crawl around on all fours, to keep his fabulous hair from scraping across the ceiling. Just try to picture the bird’s nest of a mess his bedhead must get tangled up into the morning after. And you thought you had a hard time straightening out the kinks in your hair.