Viral Video Stars

Sweet Brown Is Back!
Internet star Sweet "Ain't Nobody Got Time for That" Brown is back, and she's figured out how to make some money from her viral success. She's starring in a commercial!
Viral video mashup
Instead of thinking of all the time you could have saved not looking at the internet all year and only watching this video once, let's just be thankful for the reminder that THAT ADORABLE LITTLE DUCKLING EXISTS!!!! The soundtrack is of course, 'Gangnam Style,' so if that song has star…
2012 Meme Mash-Up
Wow, that's a lot of internet crammed into one video. We tell you what -- if you can name every meme and viral video that this video references, we'll give you a prize.
Vote for 2012's Best Viral Video
The internet outdid itself in 2012, providing us once again with a plethora of amazing videos to watch while we were pretending to work waiting for our grandmother at the train station.
‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ Brothers Get Their Own Show
Some people spend a lifetime working on an honing their craft in order to get their big break. Others just have their finger bitten (twice, to be fair). Charlie and Harry Davies-Car, of 'Charlie Bit My Finger - Again!' fame, are going to have their own web series, produced by Viral Sp…

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