Last week we met ice cream jerk Jake Moran, who was caught on camera cruelly denying his girlfriend any of his frozen treat during a Pacers-Magic basketball game.

Well, it turns out there was a little more to the story. Apparently, Georgia Arnett had her own bowl of butter pecan ice cream that you couldn't see in the shot. So while Jake was refusing to share, it wasn't like Georgia had no access to the yummy dairy product.

The couple appeared on Monday's Good Morning America where Jake remained in character, coldly explaining he didn't give his girl a bite because "I didn't want her to have my ice cream." Georgia added that similar dessert incidents happen all the time between the two of them, but that this was the first time one was broadcasted to a national audience.

Well, it looks like in any future ice cream stand-offs Georgia will have the upper hand. That's because ice cream company Blue Bell is giving her a free one year supply of their products. Now she can decide if she shares the haul with Jake. He certainly has the right kind of beard to mask the inevitable double chin that will come with a year of gratis ice cream gluttony.