Sports Bloopers

Clueless Sports Commentator Has No Idea What’s Going On
Sports commentator and former soccer player Chris Kamara has a bit of a reputation for not really knowing what's going on, which makes sense when you watch this video of him not having any idea what's happening. He's at a soccer game, and has somehow failed to notice which player has …
Hockey Player’s Hug Gets Surprising Reaction [VIDEO]
You know what they say hockey, it's all fun and games until somebody decides to hug someone on the other team. In a sport where any reason is generally enough reason for opposing players to come to blows, this video illustrates that spontaneous displays of affection are not immune.
Squirrel Steals Home During Baseball Game [VIDEO]
During Wednesday night's playoff game between Philadelphia and St. Louis, a squirrel ran right across home plate as Phillies hurler Roy Oswalt threw a pitch. Now the varmint has his own Twitter account with over 20,000 followers.
Check out the video that made him famous below…