After scoring a touchdown in his team's 31-14 romp of the Philadelphia Eagles, Seattle Seahawk running back Marshawn Lynch was spotted by NFL Network cameras being rewarded for his effort with some Skittles.

It's a tradition that dates back to when Marshawn was a kid and his mom was the one doling out the rainbow treats for scoring touchdowns. Now that a national television audience has learned of this unique incentive system, Lynch's chances at snagging a Skittles endorsement has grown exponentially.

There is a downside, however, to having one's sweet tooth indulged during a football game. Lynch, who scored two TDs during the game, was also sidelined briefly with what was described as a "stomach ache." Don't sweat it, Marshawn. We've all experienced Skittles binge remorse at one time or another.

Watch a very large grown man "taste the rainbow" in the clip below.