With great power comes great responsibility. While the Olympics only inspired most of us to watch more televised sports, Neil Gresham the "Real-Life Spider-Man" was motivated to climb Britain's toughest cliff.

Gresham scaled the cliff, which has earned the welcoming nickname "Forbidden Head," without any ropes to assist him -- only a bag of chalk and his own two arms. To even approach the cliff, Gresham first lowered himself into icy water, then used a $15 inflatable dinghy to row along the cliff's face so that he wouldn't be too exhausted from swimming to climb the 60-foot rocky surface to the top of the previously unconquered cliff. Or, as he likes to call it, Monday.

Gresham had made six previous trips to Pembrokeshire to attempt the climb, and attributes his July 30th success to the Olympic spirit that was pervading Britain at the time. Good work, Spidey. May you never encounter a cliff you cannot climb, nor vengeful Willem Dafoe, because that would be equally terrifying.

See more of Gresham in action below, and check out a death-defying video here.

Neil Gresham