How to Win at Going Back to School
It's that time of year once again. School is back in session. Don't be so glum about it. There are plenty of ways to make sure you have a successful year at school. Here's our guide to winning this year.
April Fool's on Hulu
Get ready for some new shows only available on Hulu! Okay, not really, but at least we can relive some of our favorite (fake) shows from TV history.
The Best Community GIFs
'Community' is back! 'Community' is back! 'Community' is back tonight, and we're pretty psyched. If you're excited too, look at these GIFs. If you're not excited yet, look at these GIFs and get excited. As Pierce would say, they're streets …
Community is back!
'Community' was nice enough to give us a sneak peek of what we have to look forward to when they come back on the air in February. We are excited to say ... IT'S KITTENS! Thankyouthankyouthankyou -- this is the best Christmas present ever! Also now we know what that whole Alison Brie …
‘Community’ Gets the Classic Video Game Treatment
If you're a fan of NBC's 'Community,' you've probably spent more time lobbying the network to keep the quirky program on the air than you have actually watching it. Fortunately, fans can breathe a temporary sigh of relief because the Peacock renewed the series for one more season. How will THIS seas…
Watch ‘Community’s’ Tribute to ‘Law & Order’
NBC's cult-hit comedy 'Community' is paying homage to the peacock network's own classic law drama in its new episode airing this Thursday.
In the episode (called 'Basic Lupine Urology'), the Greendale gang investigate a 'crime' when someone sabotages their science experiment. And not only is the epis…
‘Community’ Is Back With Epic New Trailer
We've been yearning for the return of NBC's hit comedy 'Community,' now in its third season, ever since it went on hiatus last December. Well, the wait is over, as NBC has just unveiled an epic new trailer for the upcoming episodes. Oh, did we mention it's EPIC?
Miss ‘Community’? Check Out the First Animated Short
Late last year 'Community's' future was looking bleak. NBC's decision to "temporarily" remove the sitcom from their lineup had many of the show's always vocal fans fearing that it was slated for eventual cancellation. In fact, there was even an Occupy NBC (remember when people were doing t…
5 Awesome Hanukkah Mascots [VIDEOS]
Now that we're in the holiday season, it's officially Santa Claus 24/7. But what about the little boys and girls of the Jewish faith who are currently celebrating Hanukkah? Who is their jolly mascot?
Looking at pop culture, there are a few characters who could be dubbed the official mascot …
‘Community’ Fans Organize Occupy NBC Flash Mob [VIDEO]
While 'Community' has never drawn the strongest ratings during its three-year run -- in fact, it was NBC's lowest rated comedy in 2011 -- it may have the most dedicated followers of any show on television.
On Thursday, dozens of fans of the zany sitcom protested NBC's decision to remove 'Community' f…
Joel McHale Sexes Up His Morning Coffee Routine [VIDEO]
'Community' star Joel McHale is one of four funnymen, along with Ty Burrell, Kevin Hart and Seth MacFarlane, to be nominated for this year's People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive award.
Too prove funny can be sexy, People asked each to record a video of themselves doing something mundane, …

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