The internet has finally redeemed itself. All it took was putting all of 'Community' star Alison Brie's raps into one delightful (though woefully short) video. Warning, contains some NSFW language: just because she looks precious and innocent doesn't mean she's afraid of dropping F-bombs.

Watch Alison rap about shoes, yards, werewolves and more hot rhymes like "I said you're a fool. Or maybe a jester. What? Maybe a molester ... of people." Most amazing is her willingness to do this in front of Donald Glover who is actually a very talented and successful rapper. Also most amazing is Danny Pudi's beatboxing skills. Pretty much the whole thing is the most amazing thing.

Alison Brie, your cheery demeanor is what the rap world needs. Please somebody give her a verse in a song. Or else we will just keep watching this video on repeat.

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