Late last year 'Community's' future was looking bleak. NBC's decision to "temporarily" remove the sitcom from their lineup had many of the show's always vocal fans fearing that it was slated for eventual cancellation. In fact, there was even an Occupy NBC (remember when people were doing that?) protest in front of the network’s 30 Rockefeller Center headquarters in support of the show.

It turns out 'Community' hasn't been cancelled and will get another chance to improve upon its not-so-hot ratings when it resumes with new episodes on March 15th. To hold fans over until then, 'Community' will be releasing weekly animated shorts on their website. This is the first.

As you can see, Abed is made The Dean's assistant. Which is, of course, an unpaid position.

The short is, well, short, so you will have to watch next week to see what comedic problems this ends up resulting in. What do you think? Would 'Community' be able to continue in animated form if the show actually does get the axe?

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