Breaking Bad

Watch Kids Perform ‘Breaking Bad: The Musical’
This video, which runs just shy of six minutes, has got more than the average musical. It's got singing and dancing chickens. It's got a little kid dressed up as a bag of meth. It's got Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. It's 'Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical.'
Why Aaron Paul Is the Best
'Breaking Bad' is almost back! We're excited to have the show back, but we're extra-excited for the quantity of Aaron Paul in our lives to increase. You should be too. Here's why.
Bryan Cranston AMA
After doing a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) to promote the upcoming season of 'Breaking Bad' and his charity work, Bryan Cranston made a video recounting his favorite moments, because he is such a nice guy. If nothing else this video is great if you just want to hear Bryan Cranston say…
Simpsons Break Bad
We're glad to see we aren't the only ones obsessed with 'Breaking Bad.'
In an all-new promo for FOX's 'The Simpsons,' the famed animated family takes on their version of AMC's 'Breaking Bad.' However, in this one, Heisen-Homer and his beloved wife/coo…
90's Breaking Bad
Yes, we agree, 'Breaking Bad' is perhaps the best show on television today. But what if were stacked up on the TGIF line up of our adolescence? Now there's a hit.
The Best Moments From the 2012 Emmys
If you cut about 90% or so out of last night's Emmy Awards, they were actually pretty entertaining. Here's a recap of the entertaining stuff that happened, or, as we like to call it, the "good version" of last night's awards ceremony.
You Can Now Buy ‘Breaking Bad’ Blue Meth Candy
The creators of the prop used for "Blue," the blue-dyed meth sold by characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman on the hit AMC show 'Breaking Bad,' are branching out. Debbie Hall of The Candy Land, who originally created the prop for the show, decided to create candy replicas after witnessi…