The creators of the prop used for "Blue," the blue-dyed meth sold by characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman on the hit AMC show 'Breaking Bad,' are branching out. Debbie Hall of The Candy Land, who originally created the prop for the show, decided to create candy replicas after witnessing star Bryan Cranston mention the fake meth and offering some in his interview with David Letterman.

The enterprising candy store proprietor took rock candy and dyed it blue to resemble the blue meth that is so prized by Walter and Jesse. The new item, which is now called "meth candy" at her store, is a huge hit. Fans of the show are flocking to The Candy Land in order to get their hands on the replicas and it's giving the small business economy in Albuquerque a great boost. Debbie mentions that since stocking her shelves with "meth candy" following Cranston's Letterman interview she's sold about 300 bags.

Aside from the candy, another enterprising store is selling "Blue Sky Breaking Bad Doughnuts." Yes, it's a dyed-blue rock candy over a fried vanilla doughnut. (That lethal combo could kill even Gus!)

Whether you're a die-hard 'Breaking Bad' fan or just a sugar fiend, it seems like Albuquerque, New Mexico is the go-to place for delicious sugary treats.