The man who made the high-pitched nerd Urkel a household name on 'Family Matters' says he really wants to play a character on the hit AMC drama 'Breaking Bad'.

The actor and host of SyFy's reality series 'Total Blackout' spoke to reporters at the Television Critics Association's annual gathering in Los Angeles.

White said he's in awe of the show's star Bryan Cranston, and how his work on the critically-acclaimed drama has helped him to transcend his sitcom roots as Malcolm's dad on 'Malcolm in the Middle.'

He even has a character in mind, saying he wished he'd played Giancarlo Esposito's Gus Fring role, the reserved sociopath who hides his drug manufacturing business under the guise of a fast food franchise.

You go look at that guy's Twitter page, and he may not have 500,000 followers, but damn, he ripped that role," White said. "Celebrity and pop culture, image and talent, those things don't necessarily intersect. But I really hope that people understand. I know what I've done. I've studied what I've done. I've gotten better over the years and I want to continue to share how I've gotten better… to create characters. And that show has created some awesome characters."

Anyone skeptical as to whether or not White can stretch as an actor should look no further than his dual performance as Steve Urkel and his smooth counterpart Stefon Urquelle.

[via Reuters]