Why Shouldn’t You Text and Walk? Bears
There are many reasons why you shouldn't text and walk. For instance, there's the number of steps you stand to fall down when you pay more attention to your phone than your feet.
But folks rarely even consider the threat of bears when they start typing on their touchscreen while on the…
Bears Take a Dip in Family’s Backyard Pool [VIDEO]
Mansour Kochak of Florida had a close encounter with two gigantic bears recently. But instead of merely contenting themselves with tearing open his garbage, this real-life Yogi and Boo Boo temporarily took over his backyard and enjoyed a relaxing soak in his pool.
Batbear Is the Dark Furry Knight [PHOTO]
There's a new force for good at the Gotham City Wildlife Preserve. With no utility belt or detective skills to speak of, this Uncaped Crusader rules the night from Gotham's treetops with nothing but pure fuzziness and adorability as his weapons. Evildoers beware: Batbear is here! Chec…
Tiny Bear Cubs Have Adorable Wrestling Match [VIDEO]
A couple of pint-sized bear cubs stopped traffic in Yosemite National Park recently when they staged a playful wrestling match right in the middle of the road.
Nearby motorists reacted to this adorable scene by saying things like "I want one," and "Oh, please come to my car." Luck…

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