Okay, so, this bear isn't really flying. Instead, it's falling from a tree on the University of Colorado campus after being tranquilized by wildlife officials. But, hey, who says we can't dream of a world with flying bears, huh?

The 200-pound black bear wandered onto campus yesterday, according to reports, ambling near student residences and through a parking lot. Then, it climbed a tree where it remained for nearly two hours.

Given the animal's proximity to students, officials shot two tranquilizers darts into the creature, then waited below with mats taken from the school's recreation center. Eventually, the bear became unconscious and tumbled from the tree with its paws outstretched in a hilarious facsimile of flying.

Once the animal was safely contained, it was tagged and released back into the wild in the mountains west of Boulder. Poor bear! He went there looking for higher education but probably came away with a headache instead.

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