Animal trainers and their furry charges have long been late-night talk show staples. But in terms of adorableness, it would be hard to top what happened Monday on 'Conan', thanks to animal expert David Mizejewski and an 11-week old brown bear named Tara.

Eventually Tara will grow to be around 400 pounds. But for now she is about the size of a large teddy bear-- and considerably cuter. So what happens when Conan holds the infant beast?

Awww, the poor baby begins to gently weep. She wants her mom, and Conan isn't cutting it. (His distinctive hair more resembles a rooster than a mamma bear.) When she is returned to Mizejewski she calms down, but begins crying again when Conan pets her. Basically she reacts the way most female guests do to Conan.

Next up on the couch was a baby alligator. He was handsome in his own right, but no match for the shy furball who had proceeded him. That's the thing abut showbiz -- who you follow matters.