We all have on-the-job stress -- but a new report that lists the 10 most stressful jobs indicates some occupations are decidedly more worrisome. Others? Well, not so much.

The top five in the 2012 CareerCast.com Job Stress Report shouldn't come as any surprise. Three of them -- soldiers, military generals and police officers -- sometimes involve being shot at, which would ruin anyone's day. And the other two, airline pilots and firefighters, are routinely responsible for keeping other people alive.

But not all of us earn paychecks by having the weight of the world on our shoulders. Here are some jobs we think would actually lower our stress levels.

Hammock Tester

Candy Taster

Kitten Calendar Photo Picker

Bikini Model Photographer

Victoria Beckham's Personal Chef (you'd get a lot of time off!)