It's not every day that a story about theft has a happy ending.  But that's exactly what happened to Boston-based graphics designer Fran Harrington.

After enduring two computer thefts, Harrington installed tracking software on his MacBook Pro. When a third computer was pinched, he watched as someone else, presumably a young teen, viewed cartoons on his device.

For four days the software monitored the computer's usage and movements aiding police in an investigation. Police ultimately managed to track the computer down to housing projects in Boston's South End. The family in possession of the stolen device claimed to have no knowledge that it had been stolen, and had purchased it for their college-bound son. Rather than turn his anger onto the innocent family, Harrington decided to use this opportunity for good.

Using his online friends, he raised $900 in three days for the needy family. Harrington intends to use that money to purchase a new laptop for the son.

Police have yet to apprehend the robber, but at least this story has a happy ending for now.